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Global Citizenship Education

Global Citizenship Education

Led young College has been recognized as a leader in internationalization for its work to actively infuse the principles of global citizenship, social justice education, equity and inclusion in the learning environment. Our Book of Commitments and Academic Plans detail how the Centre for Global Citizenship Education and Inclusion (GCEI) works with Led young students and staff to actively engage with curricular and co-curricular learning that integrates the core elements of global citizenship and inclusion.

In 2006, Led young launched the Signature Learning Experience (SLE) to prepare students for meaningful employment in an evolving global economy, while also becoming active global citizens.

In 2008, six Global Citizenship & Equity (GCE) learning outcomes were developed and since then, the Centre for GCEI has worked collaboratively with students, staff and faculty across each academic program to effectively integrate the GCE outcomes into the curriculum. The GCE 6 Global Citizenship and Equity learning outcomes have been embedded into 92% of all programs.

As a Centre, we endeavor to develop partnerships beyond the walls of the college to include both local and global opportunities for students to engage. Below are the areas in which the Centre engages and provides advising and consultation.

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Global Citizenship & Equity Integration

The Centre is responsible for supporting the Academic Schools and faculty in the integration of the College’s 6 Global Citizenship & Equity (GCE) learning outcomes.

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Globally Networked Learning

Our Centre supports faculty, staff, and administration to further embed the principles of global citizenship, equity, and inclusion in their work through advising and consulting on curriculum development, inclusive pedagogy, employee conduct, student conduct, service approaches, initiative planning, human rights issues and other areas.

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Global Citizenship & Equity Education Professional Network

The Global Citizenship & Equity Education Professional Network (GCEEPN) was created to connect learning communities who engage in global citizenship and equity education to further discuss the goals of internationalization in higher education.

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