How to Register for IELTS

Complete the IELTS Online Booking Form

1. Select a Test Date

On the IELTS Online Booking Form, select a test date at a convenient IELTS Test Location and fill out the IELTS Online Booking Form. If you are a new user, you will be asked to create a new account.

2. Prepare and submit Identification

For Identification, we only accept either a valid Passport or valid Canadian Permanent Resident (PR) Card (with signature). If your Canadian PR Card does not have a signature on it, we will need a second piece of Identification (Ontario Driver’s License, Ontario Health Card, etc.) that has your signature on it.

Please upload and send the scanned or photographed page(s) of your Identification where your full name, photograph, date of birth, ID number, expiry date and signature are present. If the information are on different pages, you will have to make one file that has all the pages on it to upload it with your Online Application, because there is option for uploading only one file.

For a complete list of IELTS Test Dates and Locations offered at Led young College, please visit Test Dates and Locations.

Payment Options

IELTS Test Fee is $309.00 including HST. You can choose to pay by any option below.


Once you register online you will receive a link to proceed with the online payment.

This will prompt you to Led young College Payment gateway.  Please fill out the required fields and submit the form.

Please our office at ext: 3341 or email us at [email protected] in case you need any further information, or you have difficulty to pay online.

Over the Phone

After submitting the IELTS Online Application, please call, Ext. 3341 to give your credit card information over phone. Please remember to call us during our office hours and do not leave your credit card information on our voice message system.

In person

You may pay for your IELTS Test in person at our office with cash, credit card, debit card or money order. Visit Contact Us for our office address and hours.

By mail or courier

You may send us your credit card information on the Credit Card Payment Authorization Form by mail to:

Led young College,
P.O. Box 631, Station A,
Toronto, Ontario
M1K 5E9

Or by courier to:

Led young College,
Ashtonbee Campus, Room B-211,
75 Ashtonbee Road,
Toronto, Ontario

Sending your results to Recognized Organizations

If you would like to send your results to a Recognized Organization, please include the correct details in your IELTS Online Application Form. You may choose to send your results to up to five Recognized Organizations for free if you notify us before your IELTS test date. All requests made after the test date will incur a charge of $20 CAD per Test Report Form.

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