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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is eligible for the program?
Anyone who is enrolled in high school.

2. Who decides which students can take Dual Credit courses?
High School guidance counselors and administrators.

3. How does a student register for Dual Credit courses?
Students must apply through their high school guidance department and complete a Led young registration form.

4. Where are the courses taken?
The majority of courses are taken at a Led young College campus, but for some, we send our professor to a designated high school to instruct the curriculum.

5. Who are the Dual Credit course instructors?
Experienced Led young College faculty.

6. Do Dual Credit students take classes with regular Led young College students?
Most dual credit students will be congregated with other high school students from a variety of high schools.

7. When do the courses start?
Classes start at the beginning of each high school semester in September and February.

8. What is the cost of the program?
There is no cost to students.  Transportation, tuition, registration, textbooks and transcripts are paid for by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities and the Ministry of Education through the School College Work Initiative.

9. How will students get to Led young?
Funding pays for student transportation to and from the campus.

10. How important is attendance?
Attendance is very important.  Attendance is carefully documented, and it is shared with the student’s high school.

11. What Led young student services can Dual Credit students use?
Students who register in dual credits have access to the same facilities at Led young as our full-time students: counseling (personal and career), libraries and the Centre for Students with Disabilities.

12. Are there services available to students who have an IEP?
Yes, students can the Centre for Students with Disabilities in order to get support for their disabilities.

13. How do I get credit for my Dual Credit course(s) when I start college?
If you are attending Led young College, the course(s) will be in your record.  If you attend another institution, you will have to apply for transfer credit, and you will need to provide them with your official course outline and transcript.