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Technology Occupations

Technology Occupations

For newcomers to Canada who have already attained credentials and work experience in a technology field overseas, and wish to continue their careers in Canada, we offer the Fast Track to Technology Occupations program. This bridging component offers specialized English language training for technology occupations and familiarizes students with Canadian safety and industry codes, workplace standards and workplace orientation.

Students benefit from a jump start into the second year of our two or three-year leading edge engineering technology programs and experience a co-op work placement that will allow students to earn while they learn. Students in this program have access to Canadian Technology Certification and also gain valuable support and guidance while working alongside a mentor from the profession.

Our Fast Track to Technology Occupations program is specially designed to increase your competitive edge in the job market. It reduces the time it will take you to continue your technology career, while allowing you to enter the Canadian workplace with confidence and knowledge needed to understand your new environment.

Fast track to technology occupations programs: