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The Online Learning experience provides a way for students to meet their educational and specific learning goals. Each course enables students the flexibility to communicate with their instructor by email, phone, or regular mail. Choose from the variety of online courses listed below.

Course Code Course Name Intake
ABIO-012 ACE Biology Semestered
ACCT-112 Financial Accounting 1 Monthly
ACCT-123 Financial Accounting Concepts Semestered
ACCT-222 Management Accounting 1 Semestered
ACCT-224 Corporate Finance 1 Semestered
ACCT-226 Taxation 1 Monthly
ACCT-257 Account Information Systems 1 Semestered
ACCT-322 Management Accounting 2 Semestered
ACCT-331 Auditing 1 (Financial) Semestered
ACCT-332 Auditing 2 (External) Semestered
ACCT-334 Corporate Finance 2 Semestered
ACCT-336 Taxation 2 Semestered
ACCT-361 Introduction To Forensic Accounting Semestered
ACCT-725 Accounting Theory & Policy Semestered
ACHE-012 ACE Chemistry Monthly
ACMP-012 ACE Computers Monthly
ACOM-012 ACE Communications - English Monthly
ACOR-101 Wellbeing and Resilience within Correctional Environments Semestered
ACOR-102 Substance Abuse Issues and Corrections Semestered
ACOR-103 Understanding Offenders with Mental Health Issues Semestered
ACOR-104 Safety in the Workplace Semestered
ACOR-105 Contemporary Correctional Theory and Practice Semestered
ACOR-106 Pathways to Youth Crime: A Social-development Perspective Semestered
ACOR-107 The 15% Challenge: Understanding the Experience of Women Offenders Semestered
ACOR-108 Understanding the Experience and Over-Representation of Aboriginal Peoples in Correction Semestered
ACOR-109 Lifespan Development and Complex Populations in Corrections Semestered
ACOR-110 Field Placement Semestered
AIRC-100 Canadian Aviation Regulations, Safety and Human Factors Monthly
AMAT-012 ACE Core Mathematics Monthly
AMAT-012 ACE Core Mathematics Monthly
AMAT-014 ACE Business Mathematics Monthly
AMAT-015 ACE Apprenticeship Mathematics Monthly
AMAT-016 ACE Technology Math Monthly
APHY-012 ACE Physics Monthly
ASEL-012 ACE Self Direction Monthly
ATCF-100 Cours de technicien d'alarme (CTA) - Membre Monthly
ATCO-100 Alarm Technician Course - Members Monthly
ATCO-100 Alarm Technician Course - Members Monthly
ATCW-100 Alarm Technician Course - Non Members Monthly
ATFW-100 Cours de technicien d'alarme (CTA) - Non Membre Monthly
BSCI-601 Applied Behaviour Analysis-Intro Semestered
BSCI-602 Autism Spectrum Disorder Semestered
BSCI-604 Working with Families & Teams Semestered
BSCI-609 Treating Challenging Behaviour Semestered
BSCI-610 Transition Planning & Implementation Semestered
BSCI-612 Specialized Instructional Strategies Semestered
BSCI-616 Parent & Staff Training Semestered
BSCI-618 Ethics & Professionalism Semestered
BUSN-225 Introduction to Research Methods & Data Analysis Semestered
BUSN-325 Introduction to Research Methods & Data Analysis 2 Semestered
BUSN-331 Business Law Monthly
CCTC-501 CCNA 1: Introduction to Networks Semestered
CCTC-502 CCNA 2: Routing and Switching Essentials Semestered
CCTC-503 CCNA 3: Scaling Networks Semestered
CCTC-504 CCNA 4: Connecting Networks Semestered
CEAM-919 Automotive Service Advisor - Level 1 Monthly
CEAM-963 Automotive Service Advisor - Level 2 Monthly
CEAM-963 Automotive Service Advisor - Level 2 Monthly
CEBS-107 Small Business - Financial Semestered
CEBS-108 Managing a Small Business Semestered
CEBS-120 Retail Management Semestered
CEBS-870 How to start a Small Business Semestered
CEBW-201 Writing Grammatically Monthly
CEBW-208 Essentials of Writing Fiction Semestered
CEBW-301 Business Writing Strategies Monthly
CEBW-302 Critical Thinking Monthly
CEBW-303 Technical Communication Semestered
CEBW-305 Writing A Proposal Semestered
CEBW-306 Writing A Business Manual Semestered
CEBW-307 Writing for the Web Semestered
CEBW-308 Writing Sales Material Semestered
CEBW-309 Writing A Business Plan Semestered
CEBW-310 Writing A Marketing Plan Semestered
CEDL-107 Insurance Reimbursements for Massage Therapists Semestered
CEDL-115 Introduction to E-Business Monthly
CEED-101 Working Safely: Safe Care of Self/Others Semestered
CEED-103 Foundations Of Education Semestered
CEED-104 Personal And Interpersonal Dynamics Semestered
CEED-105 Development Across The Life Semestered
CEED-106 Cultural Diversity/Educational Semestered
CEED-107 Orientation To Schools and the Assistant Role 1 Semestered
CEED-108 Orientation To Schools and the Assistant Role and Seminars 2 Semestered
CEED-201 Computers In Education Semestered
CEED-202 Classroom Skills Semestered
CEED-203 Exceptionalities 1: Behaviour and Mental Health Semestered
CEED-204 Exceptionalities 2: Communications Semestered
CEED-205 Exceptionalities 3: Physical and Multiple Exceptionalities III Semestered
CEED-206 Communications/Ed Setting 1 Semestered
CEED-207 Mathematics for EA Semestered
CEED-301 Adaptive Technology Semestered
CEED-302 Learning Strategies for EA Semestered
CEED-303 EA Role Practicum A & Seminars Semestered
CEED-304 EA Role Practicum B & Seminars Semestered
CEED-305 Communications in Education Setting 2 Semestered
CEED-401 Autism Spectrum Disorder Semestered
CEED-403 Life Skills and Job Coaching Semestered
CEED-501 Abuse and Family Violence Semestered
CEED-502 Racism and Discrimination Semestered
CEEF-101 Translation in the Workplace Level 1 - English to French Semestered
CEEF-102 Translation in the Workplace Level 2 - English to French Semestered
CEEF-103 Translation in the Workplace Level 3 - English to French Semestered
CEEF-104 Translation in the Workplace Level 4 - English to French Semestered
CEEF-105 Translation in the Workplace Level5 - English to French Semestered
CEFN-801 Retirement Planning Semestered
CEFN-802 Risk Management & Estate Planning Semestered
CEFN-803 Strategic Investment Planning Semestered
CEFN-804 Income Tax Planning Semestered
CEGI-101 Intro-to Geographic Info Syst Semestered
CEGI-102 GIS Software Arcview Semestered
CEGI-103 Remote Sensing Semestered
CEGI-104 Internet Mapping Semestered
CEGI-105 Designing, Managing/Implementing a GIS Semestered
CEGI-106 Global Positioning Systems Semestered
CEGS-102 Preparatory Chemistry Semestered
CEGS-103 Preparatory Physics Semestered
CEHI-101 Air Conditioning And Heat Pump Semestered
CEHI-102 Communication/Professional Semestered
CEHI-103 Electrical Inspection Semestered
CEHI-104 Exterior Inspection Semestered
CEHI-105 Heating Inspection 1 Semestered
CEHI-106 Heating Inspection 2 Semestered
CEHI-107 Interior/Insulation Inspection Semestered
CEHI-108 Plumbing Inspection Semestered
CEHI-109 Roofing Inspection Semestered
CEHI-110 Structural Inspection Semestered
CEHR-942 Payroll Administration Semestered
CEID-043 Adults with Learning Disabilities Semestered
CEIL-120 Managing a Diverse Learning Environment Semestered
CEIL-151 Introduction to Computers 1 Semestered
CEIL-300 Android Application Development Semestered
CEIL-302 Web Design for Mobile Apps Semestered
CEIL-780 Landlord and Tenant Law Semestered
CEIL-816 Introduction To Java Semestered
CEIL-820 Introduction to Html Programming Monthly
CEIL-823 Java - Intermediate Monthly
CEIL-829 Management Leadership Skills Semestered
CEIL-845 Desktop Publishing for Business Using Word Monthly
CEIL-853 Quickbooks Introduction Semestered
CEIL-855 Sage50 Semestered
CEIL-862 Intercultural Communication Semestered
CEIL-864 Introduction To C# Programming Semestered
CEIL-865 Web Application Development with ASP.NET & C# Semestered
CEIL-870 Office Procedures Semestered
CEIL-872 Intro-to Medical Transcription Semestered
CEIL-873 Advanced Medical Transcription Semestered
CEIL-874 Medical Office Procedures Semestered
CEIL-875 Health Records Management Semestered
CEIL-876 Medical Keyboarding Semestered
CEIL-880 Legal Terminology Semestered
CEIL-881 Legal Office Procedures Semestered
CEIL-889 Medical OHIP Billing Semestered
CEIL-890 Medical Terminology Semestered
CEIL-891 Working and Communicating in a Medical Setting Semestered
CEIL-892 Pharmacology for the Medical Office Semestered
CEIL-893 Medical Condition for Medical Office Staff Semestered
CEIL-894 Understanding Medical Tests for Medical Office Staff Semestered
CEIL-895 Understanding Surgical Procedures for Medical Office Staff Semestered
CEIL-896 Entrepreneurship Semestered
CEIL-897 Dental Terminology Semestered
CEIL-898 Veterinary Office Skills and Procedures Semestered
CEIL-899 Veterinary Terminology Semestered
CEIL-900 Styles and Practices of Medical Transcription Semestered
CEIL-901 Medical Transcription Fundamentals Semestered
CEIL-911 Leadership and Ethics Semestered
CEIL-916 Java Advanced Semestered
CEIL-927 Quickbooks Advanced Semestered
CEIL-940 Internet Essentials Semestered
CEIL-988 Microsoft Office Integration Semestered
CEIL-991 Microsoft Office 2013 Semestered
CELC-912 Corporate Law Semestered
CELC-914 Family Law Semestered
CELC-921 Real Estate - Law Clerk Semestered Fall Only
CELC-922 Estates - Law Clerk Semestered
CELC-923 Civil Litigation-Law Clerk Semestered Fall Only
CELC-924 Corporate Law-Law Clerk Semestered
CELC-943 Litigation & Procedure 1 Semestered
CELC-944 Litigation Practice & Proc. 2 Semestered
CELC-946 Criminal Law Semestered
CELC-947 Wills and Estates Practice and Procedure Semestered
CEMA-101 Mortgage Agent Licensing Program Semestered
CEMG-103 Fundamentals of Operations Management Semestered
CEMG-104 Operations Management 2 Semestered
CEMG-940 Introduction to Project Management Monthly
CEMG-941 Project Management Scheduling Software Monthly
CEMG-942 Project Definition and Planning Semestered
CEMG-943 Project Management And Human Interface Semestered
CEMG-944 Project Risk Control/Quality Management Semestered
CEMG-945 Contracting and Procurement in Project Management Semestered
CEMG-946 Directed Studies In Project Management Semestered
CEMS-982 Word - Expert Monthly
CEMS-984 MS Excel - Advanced Monthly
CEMS-985 Access - Core Monthly
CEMS-986 Microsoft Powerpoint-Comprehensive Monthly
CEMS-987 Microsoft Access - Advance Monthly
CEOA-400 UML Modeling with CASE tool Semestered
CEOA-906 Ophthalmic Assistant - Phase 1 Semestered
CEOA-907 Ophthalmic Assistant - Phase 2 Semestered
CEOL-103 Developing Effective Teams Semestered
CEOL-104 Coaching & Developing People Semestered
CEOL-154 Anger Management Semestered
CEOL-200 Criminal Psychology - Psychopathic Minds Semestered
CEOL-201 Criminal Psychology 2 - Criminal Minds Semestered
CEOL-202 Sexual Violence Semestered
CEOL-203 Domestic & Workplace Violence Semestered
CEOL-204 Cults & Terrorism Semestered
CEOL-205 Codependency as an Addiction Semestered
CEQA-240 Principles of Quality Assurance Semestered
CEQA-241 Total Quality Management Semestered
CEQA-242 Computer Applications Quality Assurance Semestered
CEQA-243 Statistical Methods Quality Semestered
CERC-101 Introduction to Relocation (Non-Members) Semestered
CERC-102 Essentials of Domestic Relocation Semestered
CERC-103 International Relocation Semestered
CERE-801 Real Estate Practice Procedure 1 Semestered
CERE-802 Real Estate Practice Procedure 2 Semestered
CETD-101 Assessing Performance Needs Semestered
CETD-102 Designing Training Semestered
CETD-103 Facilitating Training Semestered
CETD-104 Evaluating Training Semestered
CETD-105 Practicum Semestered
CETH-101 Introduction to Thanatology Semestered
CETH-102 Religious Beliefs & Traditions Semestered
CETH-103 Mourning, Grief, & Bereavement Semestered
CETH-104 Coping with Death: Counselling Semestered
CETH-105 Learning from Death and Dying Semestered
CETR-101 Quality Assurance Semestered
CEWR-101 Writing For Publications 1 Semestered
CEWR-102 Writing For Publications 2 Semestered
CEWR-103 Grammar For Writing Professionals Semestered
CEWR-104 Is easy Writing 1 Semestered
CEWR-105 Travel Writing Semestered
CEWR-202 Science Fiction Semestered
CEWR-203 Writing Short Stories Semestered
CEWR-204 Romance Writing Semestered
CEWR-205 Introduction to Children's Literature Semestered
CEWR-206 Introduction to Non-Ficton Semestered
CEWR-207 Writing Mysteries Semestered
CFRM-140 Introduction to Fundraising Semestered
CFRM-141 Methods of Fundraising Semestered
CFRM-142 Strategic Management of Campaigns Semestered
CFRM-143 Donor Relationships in Fundraising Semestered
CFRM-144 Fundraising as Management Process Semestered
CFRM-145 Volunteer Management Semestered
CFRM-146 Independent Project Semestered
CNDO-100 Financial Planning for Condominium Managers Semestered
CNDO-101 Intro to Condominium Law Semestered
CNDO-102 Physical Building Management Semestered
CNDO-103 Condo Admin & Human Relations Semestered
ECON-205 Principles of Microeconomics Monthly
ECON-206 Principles of Macroeconomics Monthly
FLDP-605 Field Placement 2 Semestered
FSWR-101 Role of the Food Service Worker Semestered
FSWR-102 Workplace Communications Semestered
FSWR-103 Sanitation & Safety Semestered
FSWR-104 Nutrition in Health Care Semestered
FSWR-105 Kitchen Equipment & Food Prep Semestered
FSWR-106 Food Service Worker Placement Semestered
GNED-120 Intro To Complementary Therapies Semestered
GNED-123 Logical Self Defence Semestered
GNED-126 Occupation Health & Safety Monthly
GNED-129 Principles Of Psychology Monthly
GNED-130 Principles Of Sociology Monthly Intake
GNED-135 Social Psychology Semestered
GNED-137 A Wellness Approach Monthly Intake
GNED-144 Developmental Psychology Monthly
GNED-147 Ethics In Business Semestered
GNED-160 Customer Service: A Modern Approach Semestered
GNED-169 Popular Culture/21st Century Semestered
GNED-172 World Religions Monthly
GNED-175 Human Sexuality Monthly
GNED-190 Growing up Digital - Living and Working in Canada Semestered
GNED-221 Intro to Research Design Semestered
GNED-400 Inclusive Leadership Practices: Leadership in Contemporary Workplaces Semestered
GNED-401 Inclusive Leadership Practices: Building Capacity for Inclusion Semestered
GNED-402 Inclusive Leadership Practices: Creating Inclusive Cultures in the Workplace Semestered
HRMT-300 Organizational Behaviour Semestered
HRMT-301 Human Resource Management Semestered
HRMT-302 Recruitment And Selection Semestered
HRMT-306 Employment Law Semestered
HRMT-307 Human Resource Planning Monthly
HRMT-308 Labour Relations Monthly
HRMT-310 Occupational Health & Safety Monthly
HRMT-311 Compensation And Benefits Monthly
HRMT-312 Employee Training & Development Semestered
HRMT-316 Dispute Resolution Semestered
HRMT-317 Managerial Accounting for Human Resources Management Semestered
HUM-312 Indigenous People Semestered
LSDV-100 Creative & Critical Thinking Semestered
LSDV-102 Project Management (LDS) Semestered
LSDV-105 Leading Teams (LDS) Semestered
LSDV-107 Managing Change (LDS) Semestered
LSDV-109 Leading Responsibly (LDS) Semestered
LTRM-700 Operational Overview Semestered
LTRM-701 Financial Management for Retirement Communities Semestered
LTRM-702 Sales & Marketing Semestered
LTRM-703 Environmental Services Semestered
LTRM-704 Human Resources Management & Labour Relations Semestered
LTRM-705 Healthy Adult Aging Semestered
LTRM-706 Resident Centered Care Semestered
LTRM-707 Food Nutrition & Hospitality Semestered
MGMT-222 Management Principles Monthly
MKTG-116 Principles Of Marketing Semestered
MKTG-224 Marketing Research Semestered
MKTG-230 Personal Selling Semestered
MKTG-331 Marketing Communications Semestered
OELL-130 Construction Industry Semestered
OELL-131 Commercial Construction Principles Semestered
OELL-132 Commercial Construction Management Semestered
OELL-133 Project Construction Management Semestered
OELL-134 Construction Planning and Scheduling Semestered
OELL-320 Construction Contracts and Documents Semestered
OLRN-025 Continous Improvement Process Semestered
OLRN-120 The Business of Tomorrow Semestered
OLRN-315 Supervisory Skills for Business and Industry Semestered
OLRN-345 Developing Effective Teams Semestered
OLRN-835 Coaching & Developing People Semestered
PFPR-101 Canadian Criminal Justice System Semestered
PFPR-104 Principles Of Ethical Reasoning Semestered
PFPR-121 Criminal And Civil Law Semestered
PFPR-123 Interpersonal And Group Dynamics Semestered
PFPR-124 Public Administration Semestered
PFPR-125 Criminal Psychology 1 - Psychopathic Minds Semestered
PFPR-127 Issues In Diversity Semestered
PFPR-128 First Nations People Semestered
PFPR-203 Criminal Code Semestered
PFPR-204 Interviewing & Investigations Semestered
PFPR-205 Youth In Conflict With The Law Semestered
PFPR-206 Provincial Offences Semestered
PFPR-221 Investigation & Evidence Semestered
PFPR-222 Criminal Code and Federal Statutes Semestered
PMLS-100 Fundamental Skill Consolidation Semestered
PMLS-101 Communication Semestered
PMLS-102 Employment Law for Leadership Development Semestered
PMLS-103 Project Management Semestered
PMLS-104 Creative & Critical Thinking Semestered
PMLS-105 Performance Management Semestered
PMLS-106 Leading Teams Semestered
PMLS-110 Human Relations Semestered
PMLS-111 Leading Responsibility Semestered
PMLS-112 Managing Change Semestered
RCMO-801 Senior Management Semestered
RCMO-802 Field Placement 1 Semestered
SLFD-101 Between Farm and Table: Local Food Businesses & Cooperatives Semestered
SLFD-102 Field to Fork: Introduction to Local & Global Food Systems Semestered
SLFD-103 Food Security and Food Justice in Canada Semestered
SLFD-104 Food System Trends and Policy in Canada Today Semestered
SLFD-105 Underdstanding Sustainable Farming: Principles & Practices Semestered
SLFD-106 Urban Agriculture, Community Gardens, Food Secure Cities Semestered
SMED-101 Intro to Social Media Semestered
SMED-102 Developing a Social Media Strategy Semestered
SMED-103 Monitoring and Measurement Semestered
SMED-104 Digital Communication Semestered
SMED-105 Applied Social Media in Business Semestered
SMED-106 Social Media Privacy and Security Semestered
SMED-107 Branding in Business and Personal Social Media Semestered
SMED-108 Risk Management in Social Media Semestered
SMED-109 Social Media Applied Policy Semestered
TRAN-901 Introduction to Logistics Management Semestered
VOLM-101 Volunteer Management Foundations Semestered
VOLM-102 Volunteer Management Spectrum of Engagement Semestered
VOLM-103 Volunteer - Administration Semestered
VOLM-104 Volunteer Management - Applied Management Semestered
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