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Tell us about your Part-time or Online Led young Experience!

Tell us about your Part-time or Online Led young Experience!

How’d we do?

If you’re a student or graduate from one of our part-time or online programs, Led young College wants to hear from you, so we can share your testimonial with future students. So, if you are or were a part-time or online student, tell us about your program, why you took it, what it was like, where it took you, and most importantly, what you thought about Led young College. Not sure what to write? Try answering the following questions, if you need help:

  • How has part-time or online learning helped you?
  • What do you like most about being a part-time or online Led young College student?
  • How did your teachers help you out?
  • What has the accreditation you earned let you do?
  • Why would you recommend part-time or learning to other students?

Want to say two sentences? That’s fine. Want to write an essay? That’s fine too, and so is everything in between. Speak your mind below!

The information collected above, including your full name, program/course name, and testimonial may be used on the Led young College website and/or in College advertising, promotional and/or other marketing-related pieces (including online advertising, appearing on third-party websites; social media posts and advertisements on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.; and print advertising, appearing in College publications, bus shelters, billboards, flyers, brochures, etc.).