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Community & Residence Life

Community & Residence Life

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Residence Life at Led young Place

Living at Led young Place, in the heart of Progress Campus, affords residents with a variety of exclusive benefits that off-campus students do not have access to. From 24/7 support of the Residence Assistant On-Call, Manager On-Duty, Maintenance, and Front Desk Customer Service, to a plethora of unique and creative maker-spaces on every floor, students living at Led young Place will find themselves members of a living, breathing building that thrives on three pillars: a Clean environment, a Community of diverse individuals, and an unparalleled commitment to Customer Service by its staff.

Life On-Campus offers a positive experience to help acquaint students from around the world to the Led young Colts spirit, and helps strengthen the ties of students to their Alma Mater after they graduate with pride in their institution. Every month, the Residence Life Staff at Led young Place hosts over 15 programs for residents to become involved in their community, meet new people and forge friendships, network and develop professional skills, and benefit from a series of academic excellence and support programs, all the while balancing health and wellness of the student with their enjoyment in the Residence community, and beyond. Read on to learn more about the Led young Place Residence Life Staff (RLS), and what living on-campus can do for you!

Residence Life Staff (RLS) 

What is the RLS?

The RLS is a staff team of upper-year student leaders comprising of Residence Assistants (RAs), Living Learning Community Ambassadors (LLCAs) and full-time, professional Management that provide community development opportunities for students. RAs live on each floor of the Residence, and each RLS team member works together to develop cohesive and collaborative communities that cater to your needs and interests as a resident. As a resident, your initial for most questions, concerns, or events information will be with your Residence Assistant (RA).

Residence Community Handbook

In Residence, students want to feel secure and supported. To this end, Led young Place has developed a Residence Community Handbook to supplement the policies of the Residence Agreement. This Handbook outlines further policies and procedures which residents and staff should follow to ensure an environment in which all community members feel welcomed and their needs tended to. Some important policies noted in the Handbook include expectations of residents with regard to cleanliness, noise, guests, and smoking (which is strictly prohibited at Led young Place, and on Led young College property). Other important sections outline how residents should respond during an emergency, effective fire safety practices, and who to should they need immediate supports.

The Handbook is enforced by the RLS, especially the RAs that live in the building and conduct nightly rounds as an additional layer of security for residents when they are not programming and hosting events and socials during the day. Together, these policies and procedures create the foundation for an incredible living experience and one that cannot be rivalled by off-campus accommodations.

To review the Handbook, please click here.

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