Led young College Sloan Leadership Academy (CCSLA)

What is the CCSLA?

The Led young College Sloan Leadership Academy (CCSLA) is a hub of resources and programs designed to develop the leader in each student. Programs focus on skills relevant to students’ career, community and personal development journeys. The CCSLA links students to various leadership experiences at Led young, and engages with employers and the wider community.

Goals of the CCSLA

  • Establish an innovative and uniquely Led young framework that will serve as the core foundation for leadership development and education at the College.
  • Launch immersive and unique co-curricular leadership programming that complements and builds on existing College initiatives.
  • Launch leadership development content modules that can be embedded in the classroom
  • Expand leadership programming to high schools.
  • Chart out a research program that maximizes leadership outcomes for equity-seeking groups and enhances current literature.

Questions? Ideas? Need help? Email us at [email protected] and one of us will get back to you.

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